Team Info

Mr. Troll – Coach
Mr. Troll has been at West High teaching math since 2015 and coaching robotics since 2019. As a novice coach with minimal robotics skills, his leadership role can best be defined as a spirited motivator, cunning recruiter, and “school employee supervisor”. Through his coaching, he hopes to inspire his students to successful futures as problem solvers and STEM professionals.
Toya Takahashi – Team Captain
Hello! I’m Toya Takahashi and I am a Junior at West Anchorage High School as well as the Captain of the West High CyberWing team this year. I have been involved in FIRST for 2 years, and I am also a member of FRC team 568 the Nerds of the North. Even though the circumstances aren’t so great right now, I am still looking forward to competing in Ultimate Goal this year. I have a passion for robotics (and engineering in general) and even outside of this robotics team, I like to create projects with the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Fusion 360, and others.
Nathan Cho
Hello! I’m Nathan Cho. I like to play sports but my favorite is definitely basketball. I am currently a junior at West High School and this is my second year at the West Robotics Club. I can help with CADing robots, and potentially coding. My good friends are all in the robotics team and all the teammates are amazing.
Andrew Cho
​Hi, I am Andrew Cho. I find myself happy when I build, learn to code, and use Mathematics in the real world. This is my second and last year in Robotics Club as a senior. Though I may be a little noisy, I do my work if I am given something. I think responsibility plays a huge role in robotics as we all have to contribute to each other and work it out. We are all responsible for everything we do about our robot.
Areli Olivares
Hi, my name is Areli and I am a junior. I generally help around with tasks unrelated to the robot like outreach and clean up crew. This year I hope to help out a little more with programming so I am looking forward to that. I gotta be honest, I live with an addiction, a sticker addiction!
Vaishnavi Gornale
Hi, I’m Vaishnavi! I’m a freshman and this is my first year doing Robotics! I can help with building this year. I love writing stories, listening to music and attempting to paint.
Jonathan Moore
Hi, I’m Jonathan! I am freshman and I’m new in Robotics. I am excited for the coming season and I cannot wait to help the team. I enjoy video games, biking, and sleeping. This year, I’ll be helping with CAD and the build itself.