Starting up with Fusion 360

I’m happy to announce that this will be the first post on the website!

Well, let’s start talking about the actual stuff (like the stuff the title said this post would be talking about).

A few days ago, Areli, Tobias, and I (Toya) started organizing the STEP files of the FTC parts I downloaded from the internet. Although renaming and organizing hundreds of parts into different folders was certainly not fun, we now have a “virtual lab” in Fusion 360 that we can use to design robots.

Here is my first attempt at designing a holonomic drive in CAD:

I also designed a new model of a battery holder that we might use next season:

The holes are designed to fit perfectly to the actobotics kit, and I also added a lid so that the battery doesn’t fall off.

To teach the other team members how to CAD, I am planning on making weekly CAD lessons through zoom so we can be perfectly ready for this year’s game!






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