Second CAD lesson!

Note: I was supposed to upload another post last week on the first CAD lesson but I forgot to take a picture so it’s the second CAD lesson.

Second week of CAD!Since last week, members of our team who are interested in learning to CAD (Computer-Aided Design) have been meeting every Wednesday. The first week was about the fundamental part of CAD: sketches. We learned how to use shapes such as lines, circles, rectangles, and polygons to create 2D sketches of objects.

A 2D sketch of a minion

This week, we learned about how we can make the objects 3-dimensional from the sketches we made. The three tools we learned about are extrusion, revolve, and sweep. We were assigned two different challenges, one that uses revolve and the other that uses sweep. Here is one of the challenges that we had to do:

A water bottle made in CAD

More and more members are getting experienced in 3D-modeling:

At the end of all the CAD lessons, we hope that the members are able to use CAD to 3D-print objects for robotics (eg. CapStone for last year’s game) and even design entire robots so we can model our competition robot digitally before actually building it in real life.






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